Phytosanitarycertificate Pflanzengesundheitszeugnis Certificat phytosanitaire

Phytosanitary Certificate
General Information

Plant protection certificates are issued after phytosanitary control by official plant protection services of the exporting countries in compliance with international standards ( IPPC-International Plant Protection Convention ). In Switzerland such certificates are required for imports/exports of virtually all the plant material from/to non-EU countries. Plant protection certificates for exports are issued by the Plant Protection Services of Agroscope and FOEN/WSL (Swiss Federal Institute for Forests, Snow and Landscape Research).

The responsible Swiss experts can only issue phytosanitary certificats for companies with an address in Switzerland, and for commodity in Switzerland.

Note on "Phytosanitary certificate für re-export"                                                             
An application must be submitted for a re-export phytosanitary certificate for products that have been importes with a phytosanitary certificate, stored in Switzerland and divided into lots or re-packaged. A copy of the phytosanitary certificate used for importing the goods into Switzerland must be provided.

How to obtain a phytosanitary certificate    

To obtain a phytosanitary certificate for exportation from Switzerland, the following information will be required: 

  • Name and address of the sender
  • Name and address of the consignee
  • Origin of the material
  • Means of transportation used
  • Detailed description of the material (scientific name in Latin if possible)
  • Quantity of the material
The request for a phytosanitary certificate must be made in good time. It must be taken into account that research for information on the phytosanitary requirements of the consignee countries can be rather complicated. Some countries require importat permits (established by the phytosanitary service of the consignee country). Certain laboratory tests or on the spot controls are sometimes also necessary. For these reasons, it is recommended that the phytosanitary service should be contacted several weeks in advance.

It is up to the exporter to verify the phytosanitary requirements of the destination country. The phytosanitary inspectorate will not accept any responsibility if the goods are rejected by the phytosanitary service of the importing country.

If an import permit is necessary, the phytosanitary certificate can only be established after presentation of the import permit. The reason is that the import permit contains the requirements that have to be confirmed on the certificate.

The issuing of a phytosanitary certificate costs at least CHF 50
The certificate is valid for two weeks from the date of issue (except sea freight)].
Export advice - CHF 90 per hour
Export inspection of the goods to be exported on the farm - CHF 90 per hour
Travel flat rate - CHF 100 

For general information concerning phytosanitary certificates, please contact the phytosanitary service:
  • Agriculture, vegetables, fruit, vines, berries, medicinal plants, ornamental plants and seeds – Agroscope in Wädenswil                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Trees, timber and wood - FOEN / WSL Birmensdorf