Phytosanitarycertificate Pflanzengesundheitszeugnis Certificat phytosanitaire

Registration of Applicants

Advantages of registering

Basically, a phytosanitary certificate can be issued without the applicant having registered.
The login will only be given if some phytosanitary certificates have already been issued.

Registered companies or individuals can use a log-in system, however, whereby all the phytosanitary certificates that have been registered under this log-in can be called up. If desired, the contents of these phytosanitary certificates can be duplicated, modified or transposed to a new application form. If phytosanitary certificates are regularly required for the same goods, recipients or countries of destination, the application procedure for a company or individual that is already registered will be simpler. At the same time, they will have access to an on-line archive containing all phytosanitary certificates that have already been issued in the name of the company or person that is already registered.
Since 2014, registered companies or individuals can create a PDF preview of the phytosanitary certificate themselves.

The Login will be cared by the contact / competence centre.

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