Phytosanitarycertificate Pflanzengesundheitszeugnis Certificat phytosanitaire

Phytosanitary certificate for Re-Export - Request

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10. This is to certify that the plants, plant products or other regulated articles described above where imported into Switzerland (country of re-export) from (country of origin) covered by Phytosanitary Certificate No. , original * certified trusted copy * of which is attached to this certificate;
  • they are packed * repacked * in original * new * containers,
  • based on the original Phytosanitary Certificate * and additional inspection *, they are considered to conform with the current phytosanitary requirements of the importing country, and
  • during storage in Switzerland (country of re-export) the consignement has not been subjected to the risk of infestation or infection.
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Agriculture, vegetables , fruit , vines, berries, medicinal plants, ornamental plants and seeds - Agroscope in Wädenswil

Forestry and Wood - FOEN / WSL